Education is the children’s right

ISDRI Nepal donated construction materials for Baby Life Home Child care center

11th November 2015, Integrated Social Development and Research Institute has provided construction materials for “Baby Life Home”. Baby Life Home is Nepal’s only institute established to support the health and provide care for HIV infected children. The institute has 23 HIV infected children from various parts of Nepal.

After the other schools refused to admit these HIV victims, the home on approval of the Office of District Education (DEO) has been running classes from grades one to seven. Now, the founder/president of the institute, Mr. Raj kumar Pun said that he worries about the education of children after they complete grade seven. Mr. Pun adds that the children’s rights to have education are the responsibility of the government and although they themselves tried to solve this, they were not able to recruit teachers and have not gotten approval from the DEO.

students_of_Baby_Life_Home (1)

After the April 25th massive earthquake, the class rooms were completely damaged and the children have been living under tents and unable to receive their classes.

* Financial support by Deborah Hale and Robert Berryman

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